Performance: Josser

He is a ‘Josser’,
he isn’t born in the circus.
A story about wanting to fit in, dreams...
and lots of imagination.

The shows are played inside a circus trailer.

With this concept, Theatre Muto wants to put the audience to read aloud at home afterwards.

The shows are non-spoken for the free imagination of children and adults.

At the end you receive some circusstories to read at home, so you can make them even more exciting, to complete them with your own creativity or to let your children visiualize them, …

Have fun with it!

The trailer is single-handed built in 2018 and 2019 by Theatre Muto.

Thanks to everyone who is a believer!

Design : Theatre Muto
Performance and production : Stef Geers
Brainstorm with : Gert Dupont (Theatre FroeFroe), Fien Geers and Eva Put (Theatre Muto) Alain Rinckhout, Ief Gilis (Circo Ripopolo)
With the support of : Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof, Het Huis van Alijn – Ghent
Technical advice : Marec Zeghers, Michel Willemssen, Fons Geers and Martin Vandereyt, compartment decoration and technical service Dommelhof

Download the technical rider

Without words you can say much!