Shortest concert : ‘Rock or Classic?’

The curtain opens, the cord dancer, she moves gracefully.
The lion tamer… tames.
And Gabriëla plays a Rock or a Classic number for you.
Gabriëla is … a chicken!
But… sst.. let this just be the surprise for the audience!

From the circus trailer :

The audience stays at the outside at the backdoor and looks coronaproof inside.
The safety distance is respected at all times and the audience is not involved.
The artist invites the public and plays INSIDE the circus trailer.

Technical rider :
look on

On location :

As organiser you look for a perfect inside or outside location.
Intimately, shielded (curtain), in a corner, … the audience passing by.

Duration : 3 hours non-stop, short performances of 2 minutes, repetitive.
We will build the decoration for this living room concert.

Technical rider : playing surface about 3mx4m and 1x220V
Indoor we love some spotlights warm white.

3. Mobile in a non-verbal street performance.

Max. 3x 30min.


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